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Creative Foundation Inc. (CFI) engages established professionals to empower and help promote creative thinking, art appreciation and multicultural harmony amongst the youth of different cultural background and social groups. That  way, they will be motivated to use cultural creativity and innovative ideas in all areas of life including problem-solving and developing healthier life choices.

Delivery strategy:

To accomplish its purpose, the organization shall:

(a)  Provide youth engagement and positive direction

(b)  Promote positive interaction among young people and diverse professional facilitators

(c)  Empower young people towards becoming visionaries

(d)  Encourage ethnocultural expressions of art and creativity

(e)  Encourage originality and teamwork

(f)   Inspire the youth to believe they can contribute to the development of society

(g)  Clarify that success in creativity comes with perseverance

(h)  Discourage discrimination and promote the reducing of racial stereotypes

(i)   Promote the application of cultural knowledge and creativity in advancing science and technology

(j)  Organize award presentation, art exhibitions, entertainment and cultural presentations

Membership: Open to the public; those who have professional experiences suitable to advancing youth education, those who desire to contribute to the empowerment of youth through quality education; classes, seminars, workshop and mentorship programs. Members without professional and mentoring qualifications will be allowed to participate in suitable volunteering capacities.

How to become a member:

Do you wish to be a positive social change agent?

Do you have a flair for inspiring and empowering the youth to become better citizens? Do you desire to contribute, and are you capable of contributing to the development of youth based on your professional experiences, academic suitability or creative achievements? If your answer to the above questions is positive, then contact us immediately via email:

Note: Volunteer membership of the Creative Foundation is open to everyone - not only to artists and technologists.

© 1999 - 2020 Creative Foundation Inc, All Rights Reserved

Incorporated since 1999

in Manitoba, Canada

Our Best Future Lies In The Hands Of Today's Children

A bright future is one that values art appreciation and technological innovation as equally important to a balanced education. To develop the creativity necessary for future advancement, we need to teach these two disciplines to today's children. The two disciplines are not just to coexist but collaborate.

The Undertaking of the Creative Foundation:

To advance education by providing workshops on arts, culture, positive racial relations, human rights, technology and other educational topics relevant to children and youth.

To advance education by providing a mentoring program to children and youth in order to develop their personal confidence and professional skills to improve their academic success.

We are a charitable organization based in Winnipeg, Canada