Incorporated since 1999

in Manitoba, Canada

Tanmay Bakshi

is coming to Winnipeg

on September 18, 2019

On Wednesday, September 18th at the Holiday Inn, the Creative Foundation will give three distinguished awards to outstanding individuals, one of whom is Canada's Tanmay Bakshi. He will conduct a workshop on how to develop applications using new technologies while he is in Winnipeg. The September 19th workshop is sponsored by Creative Foundation and is free for those who want to learn.

Tanmay Bakshi is a 15-year-old technology prodigy, app developer, IBM Cloud advisor, and TEDx Talk presenter who has been working with computers since the age of 5. Tanmay had presented keynote addresses on Artificial Intelligence at conferences for professionals in over ten countries.

The board of the Creative Foundation and the anniversary committee Skyped with Tanmay recently and he is looking forward to come and mesmerize the audience (mainly adults) with his inspirational presentation on Wednesday, September 18. CFI helps to mentor children and youth to develop their skills in Art and Technology. That way, they can grow to develop confidence, collaborate, improve their academic success and benefit from each other’s creative fields. The workshop is free, but a ticket to attend the gala and award ceremony at the Holiday Inn on the 18th is $100.

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